Starting Out

Theatre Advertising works. Your business gets incredible exposure, at a low cost, but where do you start.
Your best place to start out is trying our Featured Ad Spots - they are shorter ads, that run for a specific amount of time and in a maximum exposure slot. 

Digital Pre-Show Updates

For a number of years we've run our pre-show on a looped DVD reel. This has been effective, but with technology getting better, we'll be moving to a timed pre-show, allowing businesses to pick the exact time they would like their ads running before a movie. From 21 minutes before, to the 2 minute mark, businesses will have more choices than ever.

ShowTime Spots

Get a trailer style ad on screen before all of the latest release movies. Your ad will play when the lights are lowered, the big sound turned on and 99.9% of the audience is seated, ready to enjoy the show. These spots are high quality, high exposure and worth every dollar. 


Sponsored Theatres

In some locations we even offer local businesses to sponsor a specific theatre screen. This sponsorship is based on longer term contracts and include ShowTime Airtime, Digital Pre-Show Airtime, Lobby Posters, Bathroom Posters and the business name over the main door of the specific theatre screen. Costs vary by location and is based on availability. 

Be sure to check out some of our work for how these ads can work for you.