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Rex Theatre:
Slave Lake, AB

The newest addition to the FilmAds family, Rex Theatre in Slave Lake Alberta has had a new resurgence of movies and movie-goers. This quaint theatre located in Northern Alberta is rich with history of films of the past and paving a new way in the digital era.

Family owned and run, this theatre is sure to capture your heart and have you wanting to go back again and again. A wonderful place to advertise and have your business get noticed. 





Monthly Attendance

Average Monthly Attendance: New Stats Coming
Monthly Highs: Stats Coming
Yearly Attendance for 2017: 56,000


Airtime Rates

1 Screen Total
One Spot - $250/mth
Discounts available for 6 and 12 month contracts.
*Set-Up Fees May Apply



Sign up for 1 year, 30 second spot:
$110/mth Airtime and one FREE Still Ad Creation
Half Price Set-up Fees on pre-made ads